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Anubhav Mukherjee and Sonal Minhas are co-founders of PrescientCap, a SEBI registered equity investment advisory firm. They have a combined investing experience of more than 15 years across Indian private equity and public markets. Both of them have formerly worked at SAIF Partners, which is one of India’s leading PE firm with more than 4 Bn $ of AUM.  At SAIF, they led the public equities practice and were responsible for investing and managing a corpus of more than 100 Mn $ in Indian listed equities. Anubhav’s last role was as a Principal in the investment team at SAIF and he led investments in pharma, IT and manufacturing. He is a gold medallist from IIM, Lucknow and a B.Tech from NSIT, Delhi University. Sonal, on the other hand, has a diversified experience of more than a decade across entrepreneurship, investment management and investment banking. He has worked at 2 of India’s leading PE firms - SAIF Partners and AIF Capital, where he led investments in consumer, financial services and engineering. He is a Dean’s Scholar from ISB and B.Tech from IIT Kanpur.


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"Overview on Prescient capital Investment strategy" by Anubhav Mukherjee.

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Watch Video

"Overview on Prescient capital Investment strategy" by Anubhav Mukherjee.

Our Mission

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Frequently asked questions

What are the products offered?
Prescient Capital has a single investment strategy called the High Quality smallcase. It is a concentrated portfolio of typically 12-15 high quality businesses that have a long historical track record of clean corporate governance, strong earnings growth prospects and are available at attractive valuations. We employ a thorough research process and comprehensive checklists to test business quality as well as a proprietary diligence framework to evaluate corporate governance record to come up with the investment ideas. Those ideas that have the best medium to long term prospects are added to the portfolio. All the companies in the portfolios are closely tracked to evaluate their performance against initial investment hypothesis. The portfolio is rebalanced whenever the investment case has played out for a portfolio company or it becomes too expensive or it runs into a structural business challenge or if we come across a superior investment idea to one in the portfolio.
What is their investment philosophy?
In India, it is a clear historical pattern that high quality and minority shareholder friendly businesses have created long term value while companies with questionable governance practices and mediocre business quality have destroyed investor wealth. Our investment philosophy is to invest in high quality businesses that are run by honest and competent promoters. Majority of public market investors put in a lot of effort and research on how companies will do in the near term rather than on the historical long term (past 5-10 years) track record of promoters as well as their motivation and capability to deliver in future. Our research and diligence process is focused on evaluating business quality, promoter integrity and drive for success as well as medium to long term earnings prospects of the business. An equally important aspect of our framework is to only invest in such businesses when they are trading at attractive valuation to minimise risk of not only permanent loss of capital but also sub par returns.
What is a smallcase?
A smallcase is a curated basket of stocks/ETFs* that reflects a certain objective (ideas, themes, strategies), backed by the research of Prescient Capital. You can invest in a smallcase in 2 clicks., *ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) are baskets of securities that track an underlying index (Nifty, Gold, etc) and can be bought and sold on the exchange.
Who can subscribe to these smallcases?
Prescient Capital decides who can invest in the smallcases created by them and can create two types of smallcases :, Exclusive smallcases : smallcases which require a subscription to Prescient Capital's Advisory in order to invest in the smallcase. You can subscribe to a smallcase directly from the smallcase profile through the subscription form., Public smallcases : smallcases in which anyone who has an account with our partner brokers can invest. You can invest in this smallcase by clicking on “Buy smallcase” in the smallcase profile and logging with your broker credentials.,
How do I track my smallcases?
When you buy a smallcase, the index value is set to 100 on the buy day - this helps you track the total returns without having to monitor each stock. You can also use the performance metrics to get a more detailed understanding of your smallcase.
How can I cancel my eMandate?
One of the payment method available to subscribe to a fee based smallcase is eNACH where an e-Mandate is created., If you want to cancel your e-Mandate(s) linked with any of your fee based smallcase subscription, please drop an email to with the following details:, Email used for subscription, Subscribed smallcase Name, We will share the mandate(s) details in response to your request including the below:, Mandate maximum limit, Mandate Validity, UMRN no. (Unique Mandate Registration Number), To proceed with the cancellation of the mandate, we would require your confirmation by email after verifying the mandate and payment details. , After receiving your confirmation, we will process the mandate cancellation and update you with the status within 72 hours.
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